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Thank you for visiting my page. Your donations and support are greatly appreciated. I would like to dedicate this personal challenge to my sister Sue (1947-1999). I would also like to say to all the families we support you in dealing with this hardship.

Thank You Very Much

John W. Gosman

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Bruce A. 8/3/2009 $200.00
Edward W. 7/24/2009 $100.00 we are proud of you John
Walco 7/17/2009 $100.00
Michael M. 7/28/2009 $100.00 Thanks John for your commitment to such a worthy cause.
Kimberly T. 1/28/2019 $100.00 Love to you my cousin John! So glad I found you. I am so proud of you!
Stephen M. 7/30/2009 $50.00
C. 8/11/2009 $50.00
Steven H. 8/28/2009 $50.00
Heather W. 7/24/2009 $50.00
James B. 7/27/2009 $50.00 Best of success in the swim. You have trained hard and the hard work will pay off in the middle of Long Island Sound
Bernard K. 8/17/2009 $50.00
Diane L. 7/28/2009 $50.00 Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you on this incredible journey!
Frederick D. 7/27/2009 $50.00
Barbara W. 7/6/2009 $50.00
Angela C. 7/30/2009 $50.00
Stephen S. 8/4/2009 $50.00
Deborah W. 8/3/2009 $50.00
Judith B. 7/31/2009 $50.00 Best wishes, John. Have a great swim.
Tara S. 7/30/2009 $50.00 Wishing you calm seas and clear skies!
Debra E. 7/15/2009 $50.00 Engelhardt/Bencini/Carol K.
Ann F. 7/31/2009 $50.00
Jane A. 7/16/2009 $50.00 We are so proud of your effort.

Bob and Jane Alcorn
Barbara M. 8/11/2009 $50.00
Joyce W. 7/30/2009 $50.00 Go John, go!
Michael V. 8/20/2009 $50.00 Congratulations on a fantastic swim John! Way to go!
Walter S. 7/20/2009 $50.00
Patty D. 7/10/2009 $50.00 Go John ! I am so proud of you. Patty D.
Mimi A. 7/21/2009 $50.00 We are proud of you, John! Mimi & Amanda Averill
Cary H. 7/22/2009 $30.00 Bird would be proud."just keep swimming"
Thomas J. 8/28/2009 $25.00
Russ O. 7/31/2009 $25.00 Good Luck John!!
Peter H. 8/11/2009 $25.00
Steve C. 7/28/2009 $25.00 Good connecting with you. Best of luck on the swim.
Sheryl C. 7/17/2009 $25.00 Great work; you are amazing.
Haiyan C. 8/17/2009 $25.00
Annmarie B. 7/23/2009 $25.00 Good Luck!
Andrea C. 7/18/2009 $25.00 Good luck John !!
Hildegard K. 7/22/2009 $25.00 You are looking great,John
Good luck, we are really proud of you
Susan M. 9/25/2009 $25.00
William B. 8/17/2009 $25.00
Lydia R. 8/28/2009 $20.00
Janet R. 8/28/2009 $10.00
Wlodzimierz G. 8/11/2009 $10.00
Total: $2,095.00
Words of Encouragement
7/30/2009John, we've been watching you train and we know you can do it! You are amazing!Angela and Bruce Chewning
7/24/2009Go, John Go! We are so excited for you!Heather and Nat
7/22/2009GO FOR IT JOHN!!! Finally your dream and to help such a good cause!! "YOU CAN DO IT!" Your angels will be with you and all our thoughts and prayers will be with you also!!!Enjoy! WE LOVE YOU!!!Cary and Kris
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