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Anonymous 8/4/2010 $500.00
G. J. R. 8/5/2010 $100.00 it's Always a good day when we're Healthy,,,,& even better 1, when we can make a difference.. & help someone in their fight to beat this cancer thing !!!
Cheryl R. 8/1/2010 $100.00 In loving memory of Jeanne Harney McCormick who lost her life to cancer. Miss you Jeanne!
Brian H. 8/6/2010 $100.00 Watch out for sharks!!
Ernest B. 8/5/2010 $50.00 Good luck Kermit
Elie L. 8/5/2010 $50.00 Good luck.
Leonard C. 8/2/2010 $50.00
Anonymous 7/17/2010 $50.00
Betsy G. 7/7/2010 $50.00
Paul D. 8/3/2010 $50.00 Gregg, best of luck to you and your Company! Just keep swimming...
Noreen M. 7/12/2010 $50.00 James Doherty
Mark P. 7/13/2010 $50.00 Thanks for participating!
Heidmar, Inc. Matching Gift Program 7/12/2010 $50.00
James S. 8/3/2010 $50.00 In memory of my Dad, Edward N. Sarath who lost his fight to this terrible disease and my mother, Florence, sisters Carol and Maria (2X) who beat it.
Kyle B. 7/9/2010 $25.00 James D is allowed to wear a nose plug
Heidmar, Inc. Matching Gift Program 7/17/2010 $25.00
Bill T. 8/3/2010 $25.00
Carlotta L. 8/4/2010 $25.00 Good Luck James and the Stamford Fire and Rescue Team!
Linda D. 7/17/2010 $25.00
Alan P. 8/3/2010 $25.00 Greg, good luck from Mary and Alan Petrucci (aka The Packages)
Total: $1,450.00
Firefighters never stop giving
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