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It really is a great cause that does alot of good for so many people. I feel honored to be apart of the swim & it is my little part in saving the world.
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Lisa R. 8/4/2010 $400.00 Go get 'em Laina and thanks for all your help. LL&G
Marie G. 8/1/2010 $200.00 Love You Laina, Mom and Dad Grillo
Paul G. 8/3/2010 $150.00 Surprise! Good Luck
Lawrence H. 8/5/2010 $100.00 Best of luck!
Lauren T. DuPont A.I.A. Architect, P.C. 8/2/2010 $100.00 Good Luch Laina!!
Paul E. 7/26/2010 $100.00
Carol E. 8/3/2010 $100.00 Go Laina!
Beverly E. 8/2/2010 $100.00 Elouise wishes you the best on your SWIM
Jan S. 8/5/2010 $100.00 Great cause, Laina. Good luck!
Vincent G. 8/5/2010 $100.00 Don't eat before the swim
Laura W. 7/26/2010 $100.00 You rock sista!!
Thomas B. 8/5/2010 $100.00 Brown & Marianne
Beverly E. 8/4/2010 $100.00 Good luck, hon! Dad and I will be at the finish to cheer you on!!
Marie G. 8/3/2010 $50.00 Go Laina! We really admire you for this. Love, Denise and Tom
Jeremiah C. 8/5/2010 $50.00 Jerry&Nancy
Andrea L. 8/4/2010 $50.00 This is great Laina - thanks for doing this!
Luellen F. 8/2/2010 $50.00 Laina - you are our champion!
Pamela S. 8/6/2010 $50.00 You Rock-Wonderful effort for great cause! Pam & Don
Peter F. 8/14/2010 $50.00
William B. 9/9/2010 $50.00
Kathleen M. 8/5/2010 $50.00
Anne F. 8/5/2010 $50.00 Good luck Laina! Anne & Jason
Carl E. 8/4/2010 $50.00 Kick some Sound butt!!!
Jill E. 8/3/2010 $50.00
Philip C. 8/7/2010 $50.00 Great effort from a great person for a great cause - nancy and phil c.
Jennifer B. 8/7/2010 $50.00
Gail G. 8/4/2010 $50.00 Lots of luck Laina!
Joan D. 8/14/2010 $50.00
Laraine C. 8/5/2010 $25.00
Joan B. 8/4/2010 $25.00
Price S. 8/6/2010 $25.00
Betsy O. 8/5/2010 $25.00
Total: $2,600.00
2010 Swim Across the Sound
8/7/2010I have a $50.00 check for Swim Across the Sound from Frank and Joan in support of your swim.Mom
8/3/2010We'll be thinking about you Saturday!! Good luck!Mort and Eli
8/3/2010Hi Laina, I have no computer at the beach so I asked Mom to do this for me and I will reimburse her. The donation is from us. Good Luck, Denise Denise
8/2/2010Luellen donated $50.00 for you but it did not sh up. She wishes you the best!!!Mom...for Luellen
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