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The Swim Across the Sound is a 16-mile swim which raises funds for cancer education, prevention, and treatment for patients. The swim will take place Sat. August 7th, starting in Port Jefferson, NY and ending in Bridgeport, CT.

I swim in memory of Dorothy Holt, James Holt, Jean O'Reilly, Gail Manning, Sharon Doyle Gallagher, Georgie De Luca, Chris McDonough, Don McDonough; in honor of Linda McGowan, and for all those who are fighting their own battle with cancer.

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Anonymous 7/15/2010 $250.00
Anonymous 7/16/2010 $250.00
Megan L. 7/19/2010 $200.00 Good Luck Lizzie! Suzy and Nina
Anonymous 7/16/2010 $150.00 Good Luck and have fun
Kiera D. 6/9/2010 $50.00 Watch for the Jellies! :-)
Eileen H. 7/28/2010 $25.00 Good luck!
Laura B. 7/15/2010 $25.00 Go Lizzie Go!
Anonymous 7/15/2010 $25.00 Donation on behalf of Don Prior - Good Luck Lizzie!
Rob P. 4/29/2010 $25.00 Make sure you shower afterwards.
Anonymous 7/28/2010 $25.00
Rachel W. 6/11/2010 $10.00
Jessica J. 7/21/2010 $10.00 Good Luck Lizzie, wish I could be there to swim with you :)
Total: $1,045.00
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