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Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Jillian Dobosz, and I am a member of the Stratford Sea Monkeys, along with Anthony Russo, Jamie Benson, Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shannon Mahoney, and Meghan Condon. This is our second year participating in Swim Across the Sound.
Stratford Sea Monkeys
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Jillian Dobosz's Swim Across the Sound Page
8/1/2010Good luck, Jillian! Say Hi to SpongeBob for us! Yeah, that was dorky. Have fun.Bill, Randi, Jamie and Shane
7/31/2010Hi Jillian, we won't be able to come and cheer you on, but we wish you well in advance for your dedication to the cause! Have fun, and we will hope for no jellyfish again this year!The Pirhala Family
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