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Kenneth N. 8/5/2010 $500.00
John A. 7/30/2010 $500.00 Go get em Rich and Team!
Bruce R. 7/30/2010 $250.00 Swim one for the Gipper Rich!
Anonymous 8/3/2010 $200.00 Go get 'em! And thanks from those that will benefit.
Tim C. 8/3/2010 $100.00
Benn D. 8/6/2010 $100.00 Rich and Julie- Now it's your time to shine your talents in the water!!
Dillard K. 7/30/2010 $100.00 I expect sub 15 minute splits.
Norma F. 8/8/2010 $100.00
Susan K. 8/2/2010 $50.00 Have an awesome day of open water swimming while benefiting such a great cause! Good luck Rich, KC, Julie, and Moira and team!!! Rock it!!!
Kent B. 7/30/2010 $50.00 Go Rich Callaghan! Make the Bison proud.
Kathleen H. 8/9/2010 $25.00
Tracy B. 8/3/2010 $25.00
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts 1/20/2011 $25.00
Susan C. 8/5/2010 $25.00 Good luck.
Total: $2,050.00
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