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Edward G. 8/3/2010 $200.00 Please do not share my email address with anyone or use it to solicit additional funds.
Christine P. 6/16/2010 $100.00
Krista W. 7/13/2010 $100.00 Dan.. I couldn't be more proud of you. We will be there to see you off!! Love you so much!!
Matthew C. 7/22/2010 $100.00
Brian B. 5/27/2010 $100.00
Vincent Z. 8/1/2010 $100.00
Marianne S. 6/24/2010 $100.00 We are so proud of you!
Janet M. 8/2/2010 $100.00
Danielle S. 7/31/2010 $95.00
Albert M. 8/14/2010 $75.00
Katrina K. 6/28/2010 $50.00 Good Luck!!!
Amber P. 6/1/2010 $50.00 Beautiful picture on the webpage! Good Luck!!
Lisa P. 6/2/2010 $50.00 Go Danielle!
Timothy S. 6/15/2010 $50.00
Eric B. 7/20/2010 $50.00
Julie M. 7/26/2010 $50.00
Ronald N. 7/21/2010 $50.00
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program 5/27/2010 $50.00
Amanda S. 8/2/2010 $50.00 Good Luck!
David S. 6/24/2010 $50.00 Personal donation to your effort. God bless you in your endeavours.
Steven T. 7/22/2010 $50.00
Marianne S. 7/12/2010 $45.00 From Jamie Cyr 25.00 Karl Barta 10.00 and Dave Gamach 10.00. They gave me cash.
Margaret M. 8/6/2010 $40.00 Go Dan!!!
Amy E. 7/10/2010 $30.00 Good luck Danielle!
Linda D. 7/13/2010 $25.00 We know you can do it Aunt Linda & Uncle Bill
Brian S. 7/19/2010 $25.00
Megan M. 5/27/2010 $25.00
Andrew C. 6/21/2010 $25.00
Sharon D. 5/25/2010 $25.00
Billy D. 6/12/2010 $25.00 Hope to see you at the family party.
Lynn P. 6/11/2010 $25.00
Walter S. 5/25/2010 $25.00 Go Danielle go. We admire you for doing this.
Paul C. 7/20/2010 $25.00
Krista B. 5/27/2010 $25.00 Hope to see you this summer!!
Stephen P. 6/13/2010 $25.00 Good luck CPA!!
Megan D. 8/6/2010 $25.00
Amy B. 8/1/2010 $25.00 You're amazing!
Caley K. 6/11/2010 $25.00 Have fun! Maybe I will do this with you someday! =D
Amanda S. 5/24/2010 $25.00
Tanya S. 8/3/2010 $25.00 Good luck Danielle!
Kristen B. 8/4/2010 $25.00
Chad S. 6/1/2010 $25.00 Remember that you need to flip turn at at the end and make it back!
Denise T. 6/24/2010 $20.00 In memory of of our love ones.
Amanda S. 6/15/2010 $20.00
Marianne S. 6/24/2010 $20.00 from Paul Kennedy. He gave me cash.
Mohamed E. 7/31/2010 $20.00
Joan M. 6/24/2010 $10.00
Jason S. 6/11/2010 $10.00 Good Luck!
Phyllis T. 6/24/2010 $10.00 I work at the Tax Dept.
Julie M. 7/27/2010 $10.00
Kathleen S. 7/19/2010 $10.00 Good Luck!
Debbie H. 6/24/2010 $10.00 Thank you for this opportunity to give against this horrible desease.
Moet S. 6/28/2010 $10.00 You're mom is my co-worker. Good Luck!!
Kimberly H. 5/25/2010 $10.00 Good luck Dan!
Alan L. 6/2/2010 $10.00
Marianne S. 6/25/2010 $5.00 From my co-worker Adie Idris. He gave me cash.
Jessica C. 6/29/2010 $5.00
Total: $2,365.00
Words of Encouragement
8/4/2010Congrats Danielle on exceeding your goal!! I'll be thinking of you Saturday and the jellies! Bring the wetsuit!!Kristen B.
8/1/2010Hi Danielle. So proud that you are doing this for a good cause. Good luck and wish i could be there to see you off. Be safe!uncle vinnie
7/22/2010Dannielle you are like a daughter to us and we are very proud as to what you have accomplished and what you are currently doing. Keep up the good workSteve T
6/28/2010Benefitting someone else by doing what you love..Win-win. your concern for others is commendable. Someday Isaiah 33:24 Psalm 37:11,29 by means of Matthew 6:9,10. Get back safe!Betsy J
6/25/2010Go for it Danielle. I heard a lot of good things about you from your mom. I know you could do it! All the best.Mohamed Edyk
6/24/2010God bless, Keep safe, and you go girl.Debbie H.
5/24/2010Go Dan!! Woohoo!Amanda
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