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Hello all, After along winter with surgery on my shoulder and recovery i recently did it again with a fractured ankle and broken wrist in between injuries i got my mojo back and am planning on swimming again this summer in my 11th. swim , It gives me most pride and excitement to swim with these folks again and to see how much this event has grown since 2000 especially with the involvement of kids in this great event. We will be swimming in the memory of Marlene Lally a great friend of the team.
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Martin C. 8/17/2010 $200.00
Pierre D. 8/22/2010 $100.00 Great going Tom
Thanks for your devotion to the SAS
Michele L. 7/29/2010 $25.00
Total: $325.00
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7/29/2010Tom, Your cause must be a great one because you're still swimming even with everything you've been through. The Professor and I are proud of you. Michele Ladner
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