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Thank you for your support in this year's Swim Across the Sound!
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Amanda v. 7/27/2010 $100.00 Go Laura!
Denis C. 7/20/2010 $100.00
Elizabeth S. 7/22/2010 $50.00 We' re so proud of you ...go Laura go!!!!!!
Anonymous 8/7/2010 $25.00 You ROCK Laura! Great job once again! We're all so proud of you!
Francis K. 7/28/2010 $25.00 Go Laura! We will be with you in spirit!! Fran and Lisa
Dona B. 7/23/2010 $25.00 Have a great swim!
Christine H. 7/23/2010 $25.00 Watch out for sharks -- And have fun!!
Judith S. 7/22/2010 $25.00 Good Luck
Christina M. 8/8/2010 $25.00
Michael D. 8/6/2010 $25.00 good luck laura
luv "the dimler's"
State Farm Matching Gifts Program 7/28/2010 $25.00
Jane H. 8/6/2010 $25.00 You go, girl!
Total: $475.00
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