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Thank you for visiting my page. Swim is a terrific organization helping people in all manner of tangible ways. This year I have the particular pleasure to be swimming with a remarkable team lead by a "larger than life" survivor taking to the water after breast cancer, treatment-related leukemia, AND a bone marrow transplant. WOW!
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Elissa G. 7/14/2010 $1,000.00 So I missed my chance to donate last year! But this year I want you to kno that we think you are amazing and we are all in awe of all that you do!!!
Ruth F. 8/9/2010 $1,000.00 Neal, may the tide be with you -- for sure we are! You've got a winning team. Enjoy. Mom and Dad
Anke O. 7/12/2010 $500.00 keep up the great work!
Peter F. 7/14/2010 $250.00 Do the whole think butterfly and Elissa will double her contribution!!!
Patrick A. 7/11/2010 $150.00 Good luck!
Geoffrey R. 8/3/2010 $100.00 Good luck,Neal. Use a good shark repellent!
Robert W. 7/13/2010 $100.00 Good Luck. Rob and Rene'
Pam P. 7/15/2010 $100.00 Way to go Neal!
Thomas N. 7/14/2010 $100.00 You go, Neal! And avoid those jellies....
Neal F. 7/11/2010 $100.00 You can do it slowpoke!
Kenneth Z. 7/29/2010 $100.00
Mark F. 7/17/2010 $50.25 50 for St. Vincents and .$0.25 for the disposable razor for the shave-down!
William P. 7/25/2010 $50.00
Anonymous 7/14/2010 $50.00
Kathleen C. 7/28/2010 $50.00 Way to go Neal! - Kathleen, Olivier and Tara
General Electric Foundation 7/28/2010 $50.00
Thor V. 7/13/2010 $50.00 Good luck, we are all behind you!!
Merrie U. 7/16/2010 $25.00
Total: $3,825.25
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