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The walrus is at it again, and this time i am where an aquatic animal belongs, in the water. Please help me raise money for this great cause. Thank you.
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James H. 6/29/2010 $100.00 This donation is made on behalf of Gorden & Geoff Hiltz
Charles N. 6/25/2010 $50.00
Lea O. 6/22/2010 $50.00
Eric L. 6/23/2010 $25.00 On behave of the Bromance
Robert G. 6/30/2010 $25.00 We all know someone and we need to cure once and for all.
Total: $250.00
Words of Encouragement
6/29/2010My mom is now cancer-free after having stage 4 cancer in several parts of her body!! We love what you stand for. Good luck, push hard, recover when it's over. =0)Claire Starke
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