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Thank you for visiting my page. I decided to join the annual St. Vincents Swim Across the Sound and swim across the Long Island Sound because it is for a good cause. My team is a bunch of husbands and dads who joined together as the "Raging Crabs" to "take on" the water. Wish us luck and a donation would be appreciated.
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Miller Mechanical Systems, LLC 8/2/2010 $500.00
Jason S. 7/31/2010 $100.00
Anthony R. 8/9/2010 $100.00 Danny,
Sorry for the delay. I hope you and your team had a great day. When you get a chance, let me know how things went for you.
Michael V. 8/15/2010 $100.00 nice job,
Sound Tanker Chartering, Inc. 8/9/2010 $100.00
Karyn L. 8/6/2010 $100.00
Randy M. 7/31/2010 $100.00
Peter D. 7/29/2010 $50.00
James S. 8/2/2010 $50.00 It takes special people like you to raise money for others. Good luck. Mom and Dad
Kathleen L. 8/2/2010 $50.00 Best of luck Danny! You can do this! - Love favorite sister-in-law ;)
Al J. 8/2/2010 $50.00 You remind me of an older, fatter Micheal Phelps
Donna L. 8/1/2010 $50.00
Joseph L. 8/2/2010 $50.00 Remember Jaws is just a movie... Good Luck
Ronald O. 8/3/2010 $40.00 Best of Luck Danny, Thanks for doing this...GO CRABS
Sonia S. 8/3/2010 $40.00
Michelle F. 8/6/2010 $25.00
Elaine O. 8/7/2010 $25.00 No matter what place you come in, you will always be #1......Grandma Orts
Denise S. 8/6/2010 $25.00
Annette A. 7/31/2010 $25.00 May God Bless Danny for supporting such a worthy cause!!!!
Total: $1,580.00
Go Team Raging Crabs
8/6/2010Hold your breath for three strokes, point your toes. ps don't get stung by a jelly fish and don't get eaten by a shark. Love, GianniGianni Leito
7/31/2010God Bless You Danny!!!Annette Attanasio
7/31/2010Great cause, good luck!Randy
7/31/2010I will be sure to play the theme song from Jaws while you are swimming to help keep you motivated!Jason Siemer
7/30/2010Good luck Danny!Mom
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