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On August 7th I will be swimming across the sound with the relay team, Fifteenagers. I will be swimming in honor of my grandfather, Joseph Schmid, and a close family friend, Anna Tarantino. Both of these special people lost their battle with cancer.
I am happy to use my swimming ability to help local cancer patients and their families.
I will appreciate any donation to support this great cause.
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Lone Pine Capital Matching Gifts Program 11/15/2010 $100.00
Margaret E. 8/14/2010 $100.00
Thomas K. 8/2/2010 $100.00
Katherine J. 7/24/2010 $100.00
Susanne P. 8/14/2010 $50.00
Patricia R. 7/26/2010 $50.00 We're proud of you! Good luck.
Kathleen T. 7/27/2010 $50.00 Good Luck Thomas for this great cause!
The Tepfer's
Stephen S. 8/14/2010 $50.00
John G. 8/14/2010 $50.00
Betsy D. 7/16/2010 $50.00
Mark H. 8/14/2010 $25.00
Dave S. 7/26/2010 $25.00
Joseph L. 8/14/2010 $25.00
Susan O. 7/21/2010 $25.00
Julie H. 7/21/2010 $25.00
Tina R. 7/20/2010 $25.00
Anthony G. 8/14/2010 $25.00
Florence S. 8/14/2010 $25.00
Christine A. 7/19/2010 $25.00 Good Luck Thomas - thanks for supporting such a great event!
Kim M. 7/24/2010 $25.00
Joanne S. 7/18/2010 $25.00
John D. 8/6/2010 $10.00
Total: $985.00
Words of Encouragement
8/2/2010Good Luck Thomas. What a wonderful way to use your talent to make a difference!!Anne Marie
7/21/2010You continue to make us proud by supporting such a great cause in memory of Smitty, Anna and so many others. Thanks for making a difference... We love you...Aunt Suzy
7/18/2010I am so proud of what you are doing. Smittzy will be watching you from above but be careful not to get tangled up in his fishing line!! We love you!!Aunt Joanne
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