2017 Events

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 January 31   13th Annual Sports Gala & Auction
 August 1  

SWIM Marathon Boat Captain’s Mandatory Meeting & Dinner @ Vazzano’s Four Seasons

 April 25  

Women At Heart Fashion Show & and Auction @ Mitchells in Westport

 May 15  

Ronald Bianchi Golf Tournament @ Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield

 June 26  

Kristin Nicole Appelberg Golf Tournament @ Tashua Knolls Golf Course in Trumbull

 August 3  

SWIM Marathon Swimmers Mandatory Meeting & Dinner @ Holiday Inn, Bpt.

 August 5  

30th Anniversary SWIM Marathon @ Captain’s Cove

 August 6  

SWIM Memorial Service @ Captain’s Cove

Some of the SWIM's cancer screenings and support programs are listed on the Event Calendar >>
For more information, please contact us at events@stvincents.org or 475-210-5451.