St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation


St. Vincent's Medical Center FoundationSt. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation's primary purpose is to raise funds in order to help meet certain financial needs of the St. Vincent's Health Services Corporation. The Foundation's goal is to create and perpetuate financial support for programs and services on behalf of St. Vincent's historic mission to serve the poor and medically underserved populations. The growing support for St. Vincent's throughout the region is a reflection of our mission-driven programs and the quality of our services.

The Foundation seeks to minimize fund raising expenses, while at the same time maximizing financial support through effective leadership and guidance to its affiliates as well as utilizing networking by Governance, staff and volunteers. Founded in 1984, the Foundation has become a vital source of support for St. Vincent's through the establishment of endowments, trusts and other financial vehicles.

St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.




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