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St. Vincent's Digital Mobile Mammography Coach



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Offering superior comfort, convenience and technology

The SWIM Women's Imaging Center at St. Vincent's Medical Center brings the benefits of regular breast-cancer screening to more residents of Connecticut. 

The digital mobile mammography coach is equipped with a waiting area and two changing rooms, an attractive interior that provides privacy with the state-of-the-art digital technology.  St. Vincent's mobile mammography program is only the second in the state to offer full-field digital technology, enhancing detection, especially in dense breast tissue, and allowing for an almost immediate review by a radiology technician.  

 It is the also the only program in the state that offers expanded paddles, which require less angles of images, meaning women will experience less radiation exposure, enhanced comfort and quicker exams.

At the heart of the coach is the Senographe Essential Mammography System, which offers swift and optimal image capturing and faster time between exposures. There is no film processing required, allowing almost immediate review by the technologist. The system features a highly reliable detector and the ability to optimally scan any type of breasts at low dose. 

Screenings throughout the state

The mobile unit and digital mammography equipment travel and screen patients throughout the state, typically screening at three different public locations per month in addition to corporate screenings.

Mammograms are free for those who do not have health insurance, have financial limitations and qualify for assistance. For those with insurance, mammograms are low-cost. Appointments are necessary and a physician order and insurance card must be brought to the appointment.

To schedule an appointment or to find out when the mobile mammography unit will be in your area, call St. Vincent's SWIM Women's Imaging Center at (203) 576-5500. To schedule a screening site for your office, community center, school or church, call the Mobile Mammography Coordinator at (203) 576-5501.