Teen SmokeStoppers Educators

Teen SmokeStoppers Educators, Sue Richards (left) and Mary Ellen Bolcer (right) pose with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal at the SWIM Across the Sound's 8th Annual Cancer Survivor Breakfast on November 15, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport. Blumenthal is an avid supporter of the SWIM program that both helps prevent teens from starting to smoke and helps them quit.



Janelle Jessee
SmokeStoppers Program Instructor, St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound

Smokestoppers is a cancer education program provided by St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation, through SWIM Across the Sound. It has been an integral part of many Connecticut Middle and High School Health Curricula for more than twenty years. Janelle Jessee began smoking as a teen and stopped after participating in our Smokestoppers cessation class. Smokestoppers is an inspiring, lively and interactive class presentation on the dangers of vaping, smoking cigarettes & cigars, using chewing tobacco and hookah. It’s important to show the effects of tobacco on the human body with real life stories, participant demonstrations and human lungs damaged from smoking.


Teen SmokeStoppers Program