30th Annual SWIM Across the Sound Marathon
Saturday, August 05, 2017                                  Return to Marathon 2017 Main Page


  1. Is there a fundraising commitment requirement for this event?
    Yes, the event has the following fundraising minimum commitment requirements:
    • SOLO Swimmer - $1,500
    • TWO-PERSON Relays - $3,500
    • TEAM Relays (4-6 person) - $7,500

    Swimmers are encouraged to surpass the minimum goal requirement for their specific category in order to make an even bigger difference in the fight against cancer. This requirement is set to maximize the funds we are able to direct to the 44 prevention, screening, education and support programs funded by this event.

  2. When is the due date for meeting the fundraising commitment requirement? What happens if I don’t meet this date?
    In order to guarantee your participation into the SWIM Marathon,  fundraising commitments must be met by Monday, July 17th. If funds are not received by this date, we reserve the right to cancel your participation. Each swimmer/relay will be reviewed on an individual basis. Consideration will be given to matching gifts and other pending transactions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    If you have not met your fundraising commitments and your participation has been cancelled, all monies raised up to that point will be considered a donation to the SWIM.

    At the discretion of the SWIM Committee, swimmers may be given one full month after the date of the SWIM to submit any additional monies they have raised to reach the  fundraising commitment.
  3. Is the $200 registration fee counted towards the fundraising goal?
    Yes, the $200 registration fee will be counted toward your fundraising commitment.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

    After registration, you have a 14-day period from the day you registered to withdraw from the SWIM and you will not be held responsible for your fundraising commitment.  If within those 14 days,  you  decide that you cannot make this commitment for any reason, immediately notify the Foundation office.
  4. How can I raise funds?
    Online fundraising is easy. Once you have registered online you will be able to customize your swimmer fundraising personal page. From there, you can import your contacts and send e-mail messages that link to your page. If you would like additional fundraising ideas, e-mail:  PFignar@stvincents.org or call the Foundation office (475) 210- 7303. Set your goal high!
  5. Do you accept donations by check?
    Check and/or money orders payable to SWIM Across the Sound are acceptable forms of donation, but make sure they include your name on them. You should mail these offline donations to the Foundation office in the self-addressed return envelopes provided to you.

    If the check is made payable to you or your team, please endorse the back of the check. In addition to your signature, please write, “For deposit only payable to SWIM Across the Sound”.
  6. Can we submit donations in cash?
    Cash can be brought directly to the Foundation office. DO NOT MAIL CASH! It is preferred that swimmers who receive donations in cash  write a check to St. Vincent's SWIM Across The Sound or purchase a money order to submit the donation. No tax receipt will be generated.
  7. How long does it take for donations to be posted to my personal page?
    Credit card donations made via the web site are posted immediately. Check, money order and/or credit card donations submitted via mail will be posted within three weeks of their mailing date.
  8. How will I know when I receive offline donations?
    Offline donations will be posted in the “honor roll” section of your personal web page, just like online donations. An e-mail will be generated on the 15th of each month with your fundraising status report. All online and offline donations received prior to this date will be reflected in your report.
  9. Can I collect donations in foreign currency?
    Yes, credit card and check donations received in foreign currency will be converted at the bank rate at the time they are processed. All donation amounts are credited to SWIM Across the Sound in U.S. dollars.
  10. Can my donors get tax receipts?
    Most donors use either their credit card receipt or cancelled check as donation receipts. Online donors will receive an e-mail confirmation and acknowledgement as soon as the transaction is complete. For all offline gifts, a written confirmation will be mailed within three (3) weeks of the date the donation was processed.

    As required by the IRS, anyone making a single donation of $250 or more will receive a hard-copy receipt directly from St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation.
  11. Do we get credit for matching gifts from our donor's employers?
    Yes, matching gift amounts will count towards your fundraising commitment. Matching gift donations will be credited to your account once the check has been received from the company. Many companies have unique policies on matching gifts and vary in processing time. We cannot guarantee the amount of time it takes for a company to approve the request forms, process the matching gift, and cut checks to the Foundation. Please contact your company for more information.
  12. Where do we send matching gift forms?
    Please include the swimmer's name and send the completed matching gift forms to:

    St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation
    2800 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06606
  13. What is the St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation/ SWIM Across the Sound Federal Tax ID number??
    The St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation/SWIM Across the Sound Federal Tax ID number is 22-2558132.